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DPM Web Design Omagh N Ireland ⇒ Ecommerce Website
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DPM Web Design Omagh N Ireland


DPM Web Design Omagh N Ireland

DPM Web Design Omagh N Ireland

Step 1: Decide on the Type of Web Site You Need

The type of Web site you need depends on the nature of your business and the aims you have for the site.The most common are Brochure Websites and ECommerce Websites.But practically any form of website is possible on the Internet.

Brochure Websites

A Brochure Website can be tailored to any business. Brochure sites usually have detailed information about the business’s products or services, location,contact details and the hours it’s open ( is a good example). They make heavy use of photographs and marketing copy to entice potential customers to visit.The main purpose is to advertise your products or services and attract customers.

ECommerce Websites

If you want to sell your company’s products directly to customers, you will need a Web site that revolves around a catalog ( is a good example). Each product in the catalog contains a thorough description and often includes a photograph and product details. Catalog sites need e-commerce software that manages the catalog, provides a customer shopping cart, and includes a method for customers to pay. These sites may seem complicated to build, but at DPM Web Design our aim is to make the process easy.

Of course websites are not exclusively of these two types - Booking Websites,Directory Websites,Community Websites,Forum Websites,Blogs,etc,etc. ............. anything is possible.

Before deciding the type of Web site you need, look at your competitor’s sites and plan your site accordingly or let DPM Web Design do the work for you.

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At DPM Web Design we specialise in ECommerce solutions displaying your products locally or worldwide.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engines are indeed the "engines" of the Internet. Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing is now crucial to any internet business.

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